America, once the nemesis of fascists, delivers itself to them

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America used to go to war to defeat fascist countries. Now it has become one.


goshawk headerAmerica used to stand as the bulwark against fascism. In four wars, from World War I to Vietnam, nearly half a million Americans gave their lives to defend the world against the truly evil darkness of fascism and its authoritarian political derivatives.

Our soldiers fiercely fought and bravely died, inspired by a sense of patriotism and belief in the rightness of their cause.

Their sacrifice was for more than protection of their nation’s freedom or its Constitutional guarantees. They fought for the idea that American democracy, with its ideals of fairness and equality and justice for all, was a birthright to be shared with the world. Theirs was a truly noble quest.

The enemy within

In the end they were betrayed by the very people and freedoms they so loyally defended.

Their America will soon be ruled by a cynical and fundamentally un-American regime of wealthy corporatist greedheads and Bible-babbling jackals, swept into power by the American equivalent of an Electoral College bookkeeping error – quite possibly the result of computer hackers sponsored by a foreign government  – in an election they lost by more than 2.5 million votes.

How Election 2016 may have been stolen

American voters, protest casters and abstainers included, the unwitting enemy within, with considerable help from an abetting press and foreign saboteurs working in concert with a politicized FBI, have delivered the country to the hands of fascists.

It is a measure of how far America has strayed from its roots that this turn of events is accepted with a shrug, and not seen as the national emergency it is.

Now those fascists are about to seize the levers of American power.

Theirs is an America where the business interests of corporations trump the general welfare of the people, where the many are plundered on behalf of the few, where the only social classes are the very rich and those who serve them, and only the servant class pays taxes.

The regime will bring us an America that actively divides us  by encouraging bigotry and violence and hate and distrust.

Will we ever again be able to trust the election process?

Theirs is a place where justice and quality education and a healthy environment are reserved for the privileged.

Theirs is a land of self-righteous zealotry, where pathological lies and corruption and unlimited political bribery and selfishness and greed are suddenly guiding principles, not only regarded as normal but good.

Death of the Dream

American exceptionalism is gone. The American Century has passed. The American Experiment, as we knew it, has failed. The American Dream died by its own hand on November 8, 2016. America’s vaunted claim to greatness, to leadership of the “free world,” is forfeit, perhaps forever.

It is a measure of how far America has strayed from its roots that this turn of events is accepted with a shrug, and not seen as the national emergency it is.

The fascists, strutting and posturing and wallowing in echoes of one of the world’s darkest periods, and rallying under whatever seditious flag or party banner, have made no secret of their intention to transform this once-tolerant and generous nation of immigrants into a walled fortress that bans and criminalizes the very things that made America so strong and great.

The world has never looked up to a nation ruled by fascists and never will. It is not yet clear which nation, if any, will step up to assume the mantle of greatness we have so carelessly cast off.

Who will become the champion of the oppressed and the powerless, the beacon of leadership and hope to the world? There is now a vacancy for that position and America has disqualified itself from regaining it.

Land of the Free no more

Fascist regimes are, by their nature, corporatist and authoritarian, and possessed of a pernicious ability to divide and subjugate. They are very good at it. Constitutional guarantees that do not further the fascists’ cause will come to be tightly controlled, disregarded or discarded entirely.

In the rise of Trump, the fall of America

The disaffected voters who, with thunderous applause, giddily swept the fascists into power may not have realized they were killing their democracy in the process. They may not have examined their actions deeply enough to know that only the already wealthy prosper under the rule of fascists.

Those merry fools will discover their error too late to correct it.

One other ominous thing about fascist regimes: Once they are established in power, they are never peacefully voted out. Any who think it will be different with America are tragically naïve.

November 8, 2016 will be remembered as the saddest day in American history.

Michael W. Dominowski is the editor of Not For Hire Media



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